Fancy Nancy

So, can we please talk about the fabulous female characters in children's books? Obviously Eloise is the original fierce six-year-old, but I've got to say that she's got some competition, especially from miss Fancy Nancy, who also has a penchant for using big "fancy" words and original pieces of clothing.

Just look at her. She's what, six? She's amazing. Just check out her zany hair- that's enough to deem her as a representative of sheer awesomeness! I checked out one of the books when I was in Barnes and Noble around Christmas (the adorable illustrations caught my eye), and this little girl takes being a diva to a whole new level, but with the added bonus of a large vocabulary. She bedazzles her birthday, springtime, Christmas, manners, and every-day living with ribbons, glitter, laughter, and a sesquipedalian flounce, trying to teach her friends and family how to be fashionable all the time. It's possibly one of the most amusing and wonderful learning tools I've seen, not to mention amazingly stylish (for a child, haha). I kind of want a little sister like her, but it's a fleeting temptation. When I actually sit down and think about it, a real child that obsessed with looking fancy would probably turn my entire house topsy-turvy! But regardless, Fancy Nancy is a pretty incredible little character full of moxie. :)

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