Dreaming of Dior

There are a few haunts around my college campus and around town I like to study at. They are fairly popular among other students as well, and hold few surprises. However, I think the predictability is part of what makes them a nice place to study. Take the local Barnes and Noble, for instance. It's always roughly the same temperature, one of two jazzy/classical fusion soundtracks is playing over the speakers, and if you go there in the early afternoon, the sun rays usually fall across the tables and sofas and warm your hair and hands while you turn the pages of your boring textbook.

But enough about that. I want to talk about a book I discovering while I was spending a Saturday at B&N- Dreaming of Dior. It was on one of the tables facing the entrance, and as pretty dresses and illustrations are a big weakness of mine, it automatically caught my eye. I started flipping through it, and the illustrations are simply gorgeous! The book is a story about an enormous wardrobe of expensive, fabulous couture dresses from many different European designers (including, obviously, Dior) that belonged to one woman- but the catch is that she didn't pay for any of them. They were donated to her. The dresses were all part of an ongoing exhibition! What's fun about the book is that all of the outfits are illustrated, alongside the stories that go with the previous owners.

I didn't buy the book, but I certainly want to go back and look at it again sometime! Both the stories and illustrations were enough for me to get hooked. I definitely think it's worth checking out!


m.fay said...

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Le Jardin said...

sounds interesting

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Eleanor said...

Ive actually seen this book online and i'm thinking of buying it, it looks pretty good! awsome blog

Meera said...

I will definitely take a look at it! ;)
Hope you check out/follow my blog!

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