Who am I?

Who am I and what am I doing with my life? I'm still trying to figure that out.

I am nineteen years old, or will be, at least for another two months and 2 days.

I am a college sophomore in the last stretch of her winter quarter who is avoiding her Econ textbook in lieu of something more interesting (like updating this "fashion" blog that has been lying here for ages.

I am a girl whose mother has purchased most of her clothes for her entire life and entirely lacking a sense of personal style by way of clothing, but very creative when it comes to accessorizing (although, I have to admit that my mom bought most of my jewelry and purses too- she has good taste! I put everything together though)

I am someone living near the city of Chicago (well, I count Evanston as part of Chicago anyway).

I am someone who wants desperately to spend her sophomore summer in the Big Apple, so I spend hours looking at places like Roomorama and CouchSurfing and sending out hundreds of resumes.

I am staring at Lake Michigan, which is gorgeously blue today.

I love going to the Periodicals section of my university library (where I work) and read every single article in Glimmer Train, Writer's Digest, Pourquoi Pas?, and the London Times.

More later.


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