Topshop in Chicago!

So I must have been living under a rock for the past few months, since I had no idea that Topshop was coming to Michigan Avenue this spring! I'm super excited, as the only other Topshop currently in the US is in New York City...a little far away from where I am, haha. It'll be opening fall of my senior year at college. Maybe I can go there and splurge a little on myself if I get a great job!

Here's what it looks like on Michigan Avenue at the moment (photo credit:

Here are some things I'd like to buy from Topshop if they were still around in the fall (of course they won't be, but still, nice to dream! (all images from Topshop)

out of the woodwork

A continual frustration I have come across when searching for fashion related internships is the fact that everything always seems to be located in NYC. New York Interns wanted, remote interns who can commute 2-3 times weekly to the SoHo office, interns wanted immediately for x position in the New York Office, etc. etc. etc.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the Big Apple! I'm in the Windy Second City (Chicago). Now, Chicago's one of the biggest cities in the country, and although it's not on either of the coasts, you'd think that there would be more options listed for fashion internships, right? I mean, yeah, Chicago's not exactly a Fashion Mecca like London, Milan or NYC, but there are a lot of designers and magazines here as well. So why can't I find them on my school's career website or Ed2010 or even on Fashionista?

I did some googling, and it seems that I was looking in the wrong places. It turns out that the Chicago fashion scene is more subtle about how it looks for interns. You have to seek them out; they're not running to find you. There are actually quite a few websites listing internships, and I'm wondering why I didn't look for them earlier, because it's already February, which means that a lot of winter internships have already started. Still, I'm going to keep my eyes open. Maybe I can find something anyway!

Oh, fashion. Why so complicated?