London Calling

London is full of amazing fashion, from the most random people you see on the street to the mannequins in H&M and Harrods. It's both intimidating and inspiring at the same time! When I went there for study abroad, the fact that I was only going for one semester made it difficult for me to take enough clothes to be as fabulous as the people who actually live there, but believe me when I say I took lots of mental notes! I do wish that I had had the guts to approach some native Londoners with my camera though- I was really hoping to do a street fashion segment for this blog but I kept chickening out, which is a pity, because there was a really fabulous blonde girl I passed at least five times on campus who had a killer sense of style.

I hope at least some other fashion blogger noticed her! She is way too stylish not to get noticed. As for me, I definitely tried a little bit, although as it got colder, my motivation began to wane. I love fashion and aesthetics as much as the next fashionista, but considering my dorm was half an hour away from campus and it gets rather unpleasantly windy in London sometimes, I stopped trying as hard. But I do feel like I would have been way more motivated if I had gone in the spring or summer.

Oh well! What can I say? I guess I'll have to go back again soon :)


Rashmi Singh said...

Haha, yeah, my ability to fix myself up in the morning is directly related to how warm my room is and how cold I feel at the moment.

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